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Our  offices at 2009 West Broadway Avenue remain closed for walk ins but our drop box is available (rear of building). We will alert our tenants when we will reopen. We have set up a secure PO box for all rents to be mailed and held safely.

You may also sign in and pay on our tenant portal at:

Prestige Property Management

PO Box 2240 Taylorsville Road # 5455

Louisville, KY 40255

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RENTERS INSURANCE - Renters insurance covers your belongings from all the possible  events that are listed in the policy, such as fire, smoke, water damage, windstorms, lightning, theft and vandalism. Even if you don't think your stuff is worth that much, renters insurance is a good idea and inexpensive.

It is vital for you to document any and all damage to the property at the time of your move-in. If you fail to document damage, it is likely that you’ll be charged for the damage at move-out...even if you did not cause it. We try to identify and fix all maintenance issues before you take possession, but sometimes there are issues which are tough to identify until someone is living in the house. We are diligent in repairing maintenance issues. The presence of a maintenance issue at move-in does not relieve you from paying rent from the lease start date.

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